Terms & conditions


1.1 The terms and conditions apply to legal relations between the person (hereinafter: customer) and OÜ Danfare (hereinafter: seller), the owner of the purchasing environment www.Danfare.com, arising from the purchase of products via the e-shop.
1.2 In addition to these terms and conditions, legal relations arising from the purchase of products via the e-shop are governed by the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.

2. Products

2.1 Prices of the products sold in the e-shop are indicated with the products.
2.2 Prices and availability of the products may change without notice.
2.3 Images of products in the e-shop are illustrative and may differ from the actual products. (At a minimum and depending on the monitor settings).


3.1 Products can be paid for via a bank link and invoice.
3.2 Product prices are in euros and include 20% VAT.


4.1 Delivery is free of charge in Tallinn, delivery charges for other locations depend on the location of the buyer and the delivery method.
4.2 In case the delivery is chargeable, this charge shall be added to the buyer’s order upon its submission.
4.3 The customer has the right to select the appropriate delivery time between 7.00 and 11.00.
4.4 The delivery time can be up to 20 to 30 minutes.


5.1 To order the goods, the desired products must be added to the shopping cart.
5.2 To submit the order, the required fields must be filled out and the appropriate delivery method must be selected. The amount is then displayed on the screen. This can be paid via a bank link or other payment method.
5.3 The agreement enters into force from the date of receipt of the amount due onto the account of the e-shop.
5.4 If the ordered goods cannot be delivered, the buyer shall be informed as soon as possible and the money (including delivery costs) shall be refunded immediately, but not later than within 14 days from sending the notice.


6.1 In case of cancellation or postponement of an order, it is necessary to inform about this at least 24 hours prior to delivery.
6.2 In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia, the return of high quality orders to the seller is prohibited, and no refund is made to the customer
6.3 In case of absence of a client/recipient at the determined delivery time and place, the courier shall wait for 10 minutes.
6.4 If the order has not been fulfilled within the time stipulated by the seller, the client must inform the operator by telephone or by submitting a written notification in a feedback form not later than 24 hours after the expiry of the deadline.
6.5 In case the customer discovers that the order is unusable, the customer has the right to return the order and request a replacement before the expiry date.
6.6 In case of delivery of a smaller quantity of the order, the customer has the right to accept the order partially and demand the delivery of the missing quantity. An arbitrary act in connection with the order shall be formulated and signed between the customer/seller and the courier.


7.1 The buyer may consume the product only before its expiration date. Danfare shall not be liable for any damage caused by the customer due to improper storage, consumption or preservation.
7.2 Danfare is not responsible for the content and functionality of other existing web sites other than www.Danfare.ee.
7.3 The customer is prohibited from using ordered products for his/her business purposes.


8.1 By entering the data in the e-shop and granting the corresponding confirmation ,the consumer gives the consent to collect and process his/her personal data (name, contact number, package delivery address / home address, e-mail address), and to forward this data to a logistics partner for the delivery of the goods.
8.2 The e-shop has the right to use the consumer's residence or address to provide the consumer with advertisements and other information.
8.3 The customer shall have the right to prohibit the collection and use of his/her personal data at any time, unless necessary for recovering a claim arising from the contract or for delivering goods
8.4 Upon payment via encrypted data banks, the consumer guarantees the security of personal bank identifiers, the e-shop also has no access to them.
8.5 By agreeing to the valid rules, the customer gives his/her consent to receiving information about the company’s special offers and campaigns by e-mail and other means.
8.6 The customer's personal data is confidential. The personal data necessary for the delivery of the products to the customer is provided to a third party contractually only for the fulfillment of the obligations before the customer and this shall not be considered a violation of the rules.


9.1 The consumer has no right of withdrawal.

Explanation: The 14-day right to return is not valid, inter alia: for goods made with the customer's personal needs (e.g. dimensions) in mind; for goods that are quickly perishable or aging (food).
By paying the Danfare’s invoice, the Customer agrees to all above terms and conditions.
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